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Mino Maestrelli is a contemporary fashion brand with an Italian heritage stretching back to the 1930s. Founded in Milan by Mr Mino Maestrelli, the business started as a family-run wholesaler of Italian fabrics. During the postwar period, the House of Maestrelli became a dominant textile provisioner to the prestigious European luxury brands during their infancy.


In contribution for the advancement of Italian sartorial arts, Mino Maestrelli was honoured with a knighthood by the Italian Republic. In continuation of this legacy, the brand is committed to the promotion of the Italian way of life.

Circa 1930
Mino Maestrelli started business in Milan, Italy, temporarily interrupted by World War II.
1949 - 1950
Established as a prominent textile producer and wholesaler of high quality fabrics, with a design office in Via Nino Bixio in Milan.
Recognised as pre-eminent supplier of textile fabrics to first line, the European luxury designer brands
Co-founded with Ermenegildo Zegna a haute couture/prêt-à-porter multi-brand fashion boutique, called "Harvest". By 1965, there were 13 fashion luxury boutiques across Italy.
Awarded the Prize of Forbici d'oro (Golden Scissors) to the best tailors for sartorial excellence across Europe.
Founded the Maestrelli foundation for Italian Sartorial Arts and Haute Couture at the Italian National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.
Mino Maestrelli establishes “Centro tessile Milano” (Milan Textile Centre).
Awarded Knight of Italian Republic.
Founder Mino Maestrelli passes away at age of 80 (1906-1986) and honoured in Cimitero Monumentale in Milan.
Business succeed by the son Angelo Maestrelli. Angelo Maestrelli relocated the textile and production office in Prato, Italy. Served as director/ consultant for big groups like La Rinascente, Upim, Manifatture Marzotto Valdagno, Macquarie Textiles.
Awarded in Paris "L'Epingle d'or" (the Golden Pin)
Business succeeded by his grandson Mino Maestrelli.